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Our Blessings to you all in these worrying times.

The theme of the Church of Scotland’s Advent campaign this year is “Bright Hope For Tomorrow” (#BrightHope) – from that wonderful hymn Great is thy Faithfulness, which includes the line “strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow”. In the difficult times we face, and knowing that Christmas will be different this year, that line sums up what we all need just now. We do plan to hold services on a weekly basis from now on (although some in November will be on a Wednesday) – details of these services are given below. However, we have two particular ideas that pick up on the “Bright Hope for Tomorrow” theme, and that we hope will appeal to the whole of our community.

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Help us Light up Christmas in Rhu and Shandon

Businesses and Charities across the country have all been under severe financial pressure as a result of the restrictions on everyday life that the pandemic has caused. Our church is no exception to that. We have worked hard to manage our costs, and drawn down on government funding where possible. In particular, we have made savings on our energy costs, partly because of the extended closure and consequential reduced activity in the church, but also because we have switched off the floodlighting of the church.
Our church building and, in particular, its tower is a prominent landmark within the village. However, we estimate the energy costs and routine maintenance costs for the clock and the floodlighting amounts to approximately £1,300 each year. We have identified some ways in which we could reduce these costs, maybe by as much as 35%, but this would involve significant investment in new energy efficient bulbs and modifications to the clock to be able to turn off the chimes at night,
So, to light up our Christmas and hopefully through into the New Year will you donate to our Light Up Christmas Appeal? As soon as we reach £300 we will switch the floodlighting on. If we reach £1,500 we will invest in energy saving lights.

Our Prayer Gates

To donate click on the donations link at the foot of this page…….
If you would prefer, you can send a cheque, please contact Andrew Nisbet our Treasurer on 01436, 820993 for further details.

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Bright Hope For Tomorrow

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