Our Prayer Gates….

When we started our Prayer Gates in July 2020 we could hardly have imagined the extent to which this has caught the imagination of the community. Several hundred ribbons have been tied, and as Christmas approaches, we wanted to develop the idea as part of our theme “Bright Hope for Tomorrow”.

Before our Music, Prayer and Reflection Service on 18th November (2020), the ribbons were removed from the gate by Rhu Primary Pupils and brought into the church for the Service. After that a very talented local artist, Arian Inglis, wove a montage of the ribbons and prayers (we will be celebrating her work and your prayers and ribbons sometime soon) that is now hung in the church so that we have a permanent memento of our hopes and prayers during the COVID pandemic.

We took your hearts and stars of hope, love and peace into the church and hung them on branches in the windows remembering the prayers that go with them….your beautiful ribbons on the Prayergate will continue to blow in the wind……


During Advent, the Bright Hope for Tomorrow theme was developed. Small wooden hearts (symbolising Hope) and ribbons were provided for individuals to tie onto the Prayer Gates, as they spent a moment in quiet prayer or reflection. In addition, pupils from Rhu Primary School were given stars, bearing this message, which they decorated and added their own individual hope for the future. These were then be hung on the Christmas tree in the Church grounds. The tree of stars, and the gates of hearts and ribbons, symbolise both the school’s and community’s Bright Hope for Tomorrow.