Light in the Darkness

The theme of the Church of Scotland’s Advent campaign this year is “Light in the Darkness” –  inspired by John 1:5 ‘The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it’.

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The Church of Scotland is currently undergoing fundamental change, and Rhu & Shandon Church will need to adapt to that change if it is to survive. In response to this challenge, Session agreed recently that we need to act now to ensure that we influence our own future and, as a matter of urgency, asked:

  1. A Reopening the Church Group to undertake an audit of our building (including a review of its use and potential use) using the guidance set out in the Church of Scotland’s Buildings and Land Policy.
  2. A Rethinking Church group to consider how to develop a new mission for our Church including:
    1. Developing a communications strategy for engaging with the congregation and the wider community
    1. Developing links with partners within the community, e.g. the school, uniformed youth groups, the Royal Navy and the community council.

With this in mind the two groups have been formed under the overall direction of Andrew Nisbet….both groups would welcome any ideas or suggestions from the congregation.

Reopening the Church
Sue Thornley (lead)
Andrew Nicholson
Tom Stewart
Jim Rogers

Rethinking the Church
Pat Nisbet and Jane Nicholson (leads)
Fiona Hughes
Mags Gray
Jean Murdoch and Lyn Brown

Reports to the Stated Annual Meeting Service on Sunday 13th June 2021