Church Visitors

Once the present situation with Covid 19 is over, our Church Visitors will be happy to make home visits or nursing home visits, in the meantime if you know of anyone who would like a phone call or you would like a phone call, please contact us. Our Team

You can also contact our minister, Rev David T Young, any time to arrange a visit or phone call for yourself or for a relation or friend. Or, if you prefer, speak to one of your friends who can then make contact with the Ministry or Pastoral Team.

Prayer Box
There is a prayer box at the back of the church – and at the church gate – please let us know of anyone you would like prayed for…

Father God, we pray for all those in our congregation and in our town who are facing sickness in their minds, bodies or spirits. We ask that you would restore their health, soothe their pain and ease their worry. Give them your peace and comfort, in Jesus name.